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Ohio is one of the most amazing states in the United States of America. This is the place where the first ambulance service was established in America. In Cincinnati, the year 1865 marked the beginning of a new era. This is the year when the US first saw the establishment of an official ambulance service. Up to this day, the residents of this state still brag about this. Further, the state is also the place where the first traffic lights in the US were installed, in the year 1914.

Other iconic facts about the state include the record of being the first state to use police cars in the city of Akron, being the birth place of the American Federation of Labor and being the home of the inventors of the first airplane. This is also the state which boasts of being the earliest to have hosted a professional baseball team. The Cincinnati Red devils were the first team in the US to have been registered as a professional baseball team. These are just a few examples of some iconic facts about the state. Others include being the first rubber capital of the globe, becoming the leading producer of nursery and greenhouse plants and being the birth place of Neil Armstrong.

As a resident of the state of Ohio, I am definitely proud to have been born and bred in the state. There is just so much to be proud of and a lot more to be proud of. Not shocking, it is home to many iconic figures of the US including presidents, professional footballers and celebrities.

My desire to host a platform that showcases what this state is capable of offering to the inhabitants of the US and visitors, is based on my love for the state.

I also strongly believe that the state is capable of offering more to the world both in the near future and the distant future. Most notably, the state is home to a good number of high profile medical facilities. This applies to both the federal state hospitals and the non-federal state health facilities. It is my desire to share with the rest of the world why the medical facilities in the state are worth visiting.


Bariatric Surgical Centers

In as far as the availability of state of the art bariatric hospitals is concerned; the state is in the lead. It boasts of some of the best bariatric surgical centers in the US and the world at large. This is the state to visit if you want to undergo the most sensitive, complex and most rewarding bariatric surgery. There are numerous reasons that make the state an important center for bariatric surgery. First of all, the medical centers in the state have high quality surgical tools. Therefore, they are more than capable of carrying out even the most complicated bariatric surgical procedures. Aside from this, the bariatric surgical centers are also home to many highly trained surgeons with the capacity to execute even the most complicated tasks of the procedure. This explains why the bariatric surgery centers of the state are able to attract many people from all corners of the state and the country as a whole.


Award Winning Hospitals in the State

Over the years, I have continued to witness the rise in fame of many hospitals in the state. This can be attributed to the ability of the hospitals to deliver unmatched healthcare services. Today, around 25 out of the total 200 hospitals based in Ohio are able to compete favorably with any of the best hospitals in the world. Each of these hospitals is also capable of winning both annual and monthly awards. I have personally attended many award giving ceremonies and witnessed at least one of the hospitals in Ohio receive one of the major awards.


Advanced Medical Technology

The technology era has dawned and there is no way of stopping it. Thanks to the coming of technology, the medical industry has been revolutionized by a significant extent. It is now possible to carry out even the most complicated medical procedures that were not possible in the past. The medical institutions in Ohio are able to afford to provide specialized medical treatment based on the many high tech medical tools that they possess. I have personally visited a hospital in Ohio with just about any modern medical equipment that is available today.