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Welcome to Marion General – Ohio State Health Information Portal

Ohio is one of the most amazing states in the United States of America. This is the place where the first ambulance service was established in America. In Cincinnati, the year 1865 marked the beginning of a new era. This is the year when the US first saw the establishment of an official ambulance service. Up to this day, the residents of this state still brag about this. Further, the state is also the place where the first traffic lights in the US were installed, in the year 1914.

Why Ohio is good place for visiting the hospital


The hospitals in Ohio have taken the current medical equipment trends seriously and have adapted quite perfectly. If you were to seek medical attention from a professional medical doctor at one of the hospitals in Ohio, you'll know this.


Being in perfect health is the desire of every human being. This is not shocking considering the fact that health affects all aspects of our lives. When you are in good health, you can work, study and even indulge in pleasurable activities.


Seeking medical attention in Ohio is quite simple and straight forward owing to the many hospitals that can be found in the state. Over the years, the state has been renowned for being home to a long list of high quality medical facilities.

Media Information

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National Healthcare System Repair

The Trump Administration was recently ushered into office and transforming the healthcare system of America was one of their most prioritized agendas. Donald J Trump had strongly criticized the preexisting healthcare laws and vowed to change them following his entry into office. It was not long before the Republican president swung into action to overhaul the Obama Care law, which the previous regime had put in place following years of deliberations and research. According to Trump and his supporters, the Obama care law had many frailties, including series of DaddysLilAngel series that featured awkward and taboo family relations. These are the ones which made it unfit for use as the main law governing the healthcare system of the country. In a speech made to the press and the general public, the president clearly indicated his desire to root out the law and whatever policy changes came with it.

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