The Future Of Healthcare In The United States: What's Trump Got To Do With It? - Marion General
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The Future Of Healthcare In The United States: What’s Trump Got To Do With It?

The Future Of Healthcare In The United States: What’s Trump Got To Do With It?

At the time when elections were on in US, there was much contention as to what would be the fate of public health policies if Trump came into power. Indeed, during his campaign trail he had made it evident that the Affordable Care Act that Obama administration brought in, would be repealed. Hence, even though no concrete action has been taken as yet, Obamacare is likely to be dismantled and those who availed of the National Health Insurance scheme under it would not know their fate in this matter.

Fate Of ACA

It is likely that ACA would be repealed to some extent but not completely, the reasons being:

  • The repeal of ACA needs to be done through legislative order that needs consent of US Senate
  • Republicans by themselves will not be able to generate the eight votes necessary
  • Democratic senators also need to put in their votes
  • There are many provisions in ACA that are non-controversial

Republicans are likely to take the two pronged approach of repealing and replacing certain aspects of ACA. For instance the essential coverage that ACA provided as health insurance and the new taxes that are financed by ACA would require a total of 51 votes that would be difficult to achieve. It would also require at least 50 out of the 52 Republican senators to vote for the coverage to be eliminated which covers about 22 million citizens in the country.

Replacing entire ACA with a new health care regime is a difficult task to accomplish. This would require proceeding through the rigmaroles of regular registration and would surely be not supported by the Democrats. Hence passing such a legislation would not be possible. It is conceivable that repeal can take place and it would also leave the 22 million covered under it in a realm of uncertainty.

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Media reports have emerged stating that Trump would consider keeping most of the popular provisions of ACA which include terms such as insurance companies ensuring coverage to people who have pre-existing medical conditions or that children can be covered in a family health plan upto the age of 26 years.

In a document published by the Republican leaders called the “Better Way”, it was mentioned that guaranteed issue provision of ACA would be continued. This meant that those who continued their coverage would not be denied insurance plan from the insurers on the basis of any factor. Hence for millions who were unable to maintain their coverage for a certain period of time or come back seeking coverage with a pre-existing condition, would need to pay higher rates than the healthy.

Health coverage for women is likely to be at risk if large portions of ACA are repealed. Discretion would be returned to the states to decide on benefits to be forwarded such as on birth control, prescription drugs, and mammography. Hence, such coverage that remains free under ACA, could become chargeable and out of insurance coverage for women.

As there is certainty of change and overhaul, health insurance pricing as well as guaranteed health care terms are likely to change under the new administration. Hence, it is suggested that Americans look at supplemental health insurance plans to ensure and stabilise their family and individual finances. These schemes would help cover monthly bills as well as high costs of health care. When one is unable to work and becomes unemployed due to an illness or accident, such policies will provide due coverage. These policies can also help to pay for expenses like car payment, child care and mortgage besides paying for medical bills.

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