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OHA – Inside Ohio Hospital Association

OHA – Inside Ohio Hospital Association

With the commencement of the ambulance service in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1865, the new era of medical advancement began in America.

With such a glorious past, it is quite apparent that the hospitals of Ohio would continuously adapt to new advanced technologies to cure serious ailments and provide proper care to each patient.

OHA deals with various activities for benefit of the community.

At the same time, the Ohio Hospital Association makes sure that all the hospitals have steady supply of equipment to help a medical professional and the hospitals have won multiple awards and accolades while 24 of them have even made it to the top hospitals list in the USA.

The pediatric departments in these hospitals are excelling rapidly and by evaluating how efficiently these hospitals handle various medical conditions by using 32 procedures, hospitals like Bethesda North Hospital and ProMedica Toledo Hospital were listed among top 50 best hospitals of the country.

Among the 24 hospitals, the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Mount Carmel St Ann’s, Cleveland Clinic are among the well-known hospitals for their advanced technologies.

The OHA has also recognized Cleveland Clinic to be the most technologically advanced medical center.

Encompassing 10 facilities in the northeast Ohio, Cleveland Clinic has affiliated to medical facilities in Florida and Nevada.

The non-profit Ohio hospitals have record of contributing $5.3 billion in 2016 for the community.

In 2013, doctors from the center even partnered with Sheikh Khalifa Medical City personnel for UAE’s first transplant of cadaveric organ. Laparoscopic Prostrate surgery and Robotic heart surgery are also carried out by the hospital.

OHA deals with various activities for benefit of the community and the non-profit Ohio hospitals have record of contributing $5.3 billion in 2016 for the community. The activities governed by OHA are –

  • Clinical research and studying health of members of the community
  • Spreading health education to the community
  • Setting up immunization clinics
  • Offering health screenings
  • Offering family support and services regarding meal and nutrition
  • Giving discounted or free-of-cost medical supplies and prescriptions
  • Offering education to nurses, doctors, allied health specialists and medical technicians.

Milestones Of Ohio Hospital Association

OHA has recorded contribution of $3 billion by the Ohio hospitals.

In 2016, OHA has recorded contribution of $3 billion by the Ohio hospitals for improvement of the local community and neighborhood and it was a significant increase from the $1.54 billion contribution before Medicaid eligibility was expanded.

According to annual family income of a patient, the hospitals offer discounts and also free-of-cost basic treatment to uninsured or indigent patients with Hospital Care Assurance Program.

In 2016, around $458 million was raised by the hospitals for charity care and $7.5 billion for uncompensated care including bad debt, Medicare and Medicaid shortfalls, discounted treatment and free charity care.

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